torsdag, april 08, 2010

Min siste runde på Grey Eagle . .

i år for meg i alle fall....Deilig vær 6 april: 30 varmegrader, men litt for mye vind.

Min golf "lærer" i Volda sa det var det 2dre slaget som var det viktigste. Dette er nok tredje slaget, men ganske viktig det også på et såpass langt hull. Typisk oppførsel av meg ved ballen. OK slag, men for mye kyllingvinge i avslutningen, ville nok PålRune sagt...

B gjør sitt utslag på Hull 10.

lørdag, april 03, 2010

First Game of Golfing in 2010.

Last Tuesday, March 30, I had my first golf game this year, together with brother Birger. This time at Ironwood Golf Course Fishers, Indianapolis, Indiana USA. But the course was pretty soaked, and the result of my efforts miserable, not funny. So I will simply bypass that in silence....No questions please..........

But then today, Friday April 2, we went to Grey Eagle Golf course, not far away from the other. Wonderful weather; 82 F (ca. 27 C+), some nice clouds so the sun were not too hot, a little wind, but nevertheless wonderful. (Especially when thinking about the fact that back home in Norway they were having 5 C+, rain and some wet snow).

And the game went completely different. Still there is a lot to fix (there always will be), but it was nevertheless much more like how I use to play. I only had two par's, however, but below are two videos from the last par, that on hole 18.

Golf was sudddenly fun again!

The American way...

..using Golf carts.
We also had two co-players; Randy and Brian, who joined us, but Randy had to leave after 9 holes.

We had some onlookers...

Grey Eagle Golf Golf course is for the most pretty close to houses and living areas, but there are a lot of trees, and some lakes. Here are two nice onlookers we discovered close to one of the tees.


Here is how the deers looked through my Iphone.

Hole 18

Brother Bill is ready for his last tee shot this time; here on the tee of Hole 18: Par 5, Index 5; 465 yards.

Last chip -in on the green

If the frame is black, please click on the starting arrow to the left.

Putting for par on Hole 18