mandag, august 29, 2005

Par shot on hole 7

Due to my bad shoulder I could only do the shots on the two Par 3 holes. On this one, hole 7, I did a first shot too far to the left and into the rough, but than did a wonderful chip onto the green close to the hole. Then a nice put send the ball into the box. What a relief; I did it on par! :-)

Visiting Volda

Last weekend I visited Volda for some 38 hours; 3 of these were spent on the golf course. But what a pity; my shoulder was so painful that I hardly could play. But Vidar helped; as a true and loyal son, he did the long shots, and I took the last ones to the green, and did the putting! That's what we might call 'true family golfing'. Thanks Vidar! :-)