mandag, mars 19, 2007

Stem på Kvinesdal Golfklubbs bane!

Sammen med resten av golf-Norge jakter på den vakreste banen, den som gir de beste opplevelsene, den dypeste roen, dramatikken, dyrelivet og stemningen for øvrig. Vi vet jo alle hvor den banen ligger!

Stem på Kvinesdal og Omegn Golfklubb's bane!

Klikk på linken HER, og stem på Kvinesdal!

Golf in Cameroon?

Spending som time in the capital city of Cameroon; Yaounde, on Friday 16th, we took a sightseeing trip by taxi. Close to the US embassy, we discovered two golf courses, and a driving range! While the taxi waited (no extra charge), we rented two clubs and bought a bucket of balls and tried golf in Cameroon!
I just had to!
For my companion, Jean P, it was his first experience ever with golf; for me it was a taste of the coming summer! Below are some pictures of the event.
My companion i Yaounde, had his first experience of holding a golf club. He missed the ball the two first times, but then he had a very steep learning curve!