fredag, juni 30, 2006

tirsdag, juni 20, 2006

Spectacular new golf course

Egersund Golfklubb is finishing their new Golfing arena. It consists of several spectacular tees and greens with sometimes very stony and difficult fairways,- if any fairways at all...
Have a look at the pictures at their web site.

The picture here is from hole 4, which they describe as the shortest and most beautyful of the nine holes they have prepared.

The course is supposed to be opened in late June this summer.

Golfing at Volda

Having read a lots of exam papers, I had a trip to Volda to set the final marks. Such a visit also includes some golfing. Thursday 15 and Friday 16 afternoons were spent at the Golf Course.
I had some childish hope that the course had become somewhat smaller since last time I was there; but it did not turn out that way. I had great problems with my tee-shots, so the results were not as wanted. But that is a very familiar experience. Nice to be back playing with my golf buddies at Volda...

tirsdag, juni 06, 2006

Wonderful day at Skaren

It looks like summer arrived this weekend; wonderful weather, and excellent golf conditions at Skaren. I made my round together with two other guys I don't know. My fairway shots worked well, but the greens are so speedy now that I made a mess out of several nice possibilities. Nevertheless, the total sum was good. May be my days as a green card player are soon over(?)