mandag, mai 18, 2009

The TwoSelandBrothersReunionGolfMatch

May 16 was the day for The TwoSelandBrothersReunionGolfMatch at Utsikten Golfpark, Kvinesdal. It turned out to be a very windy and sometimes cold day, the day when several shots will have to be passed over in silence, but the wind interfered and made even a good shot becoming worse.
At the 15th green BigBrother had the possibility to get on the green on his 2. shot after a very nice 1st shot with a marvelous long roll. But here is where he argued he found the ball! In the tree. Click on the picture if you don't have your glasses available...

Some said it was a perfect situation for a tree wedge! But he bravely took the penalty, dropped it and after some not so good shots he finally made it into the box.
What a picture!
What if balls grew on trees?

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