mandag, september 11, 2006

Roy testing Kvinesdal Golf Course!

On September 9th, I had the pleasure of playing golf with Roy, one of my american nephews, on the Kvinesdal Golf course. I think he liked the course. He had obviously been told that it was narrow and difficult; well, he agreed it was difficult, but he enjoyed it.
To me it was fun playing with Roy, as I have been playing golf here with both his brother Glenn and their father this summer. Now it is only his other brother, Trond missing!

Trond, do you take the challenge!?

I was prepared to be the looser this time,- but Roy said had not been playing much golf this summer. And did not know the course, and played not with his own clubs, so he had some drawbacks. But he is really a long-hitter; had he managed to keep more of his shots on the fairway (and not broken the driver....), he would probably have beaten me by lots of shots/points. But now it became a close run. He did 'beat me' with 110 to 108 shots. If we count from my hcp he would have received 37 points, me 33. But he probably deserves a much better hcp than me.

Nevertheless; it was a beautiful day. I hope we can do it again another time. His father was sitting over in Indiana, being jealous, and Vidar would have liked to be there too. It turns out that if we could gather all the Seland golfers, we could have had a tournament. :-)

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Unknown sa...

Indeed I think we both look forward to a rematch and hopefully lowering the scores substantially. Then again who cares on such a beautiful day, in such a gorgeous setting. At least Birger gave me no problems with the driver incident...those Selands may not give Tiger much competition, but they are often gracious.